Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Illamasqua Eyeliner Review

I recently ran out of my usual MAC Gel Eyeliner and I'm glad I did because it finally forced me to try the new Illamasqua one I had been refusing to open for a while. This one's in the shade Infinity and it's the blackest black gel eyeliner I've yet tried! It applies pretty well but I need to get myself a better brush since I lost the last one I had. A good eyeliner brush can make all the difference.

Texture: No surprises here. It's a gel. It's very soft but still has the right amount of firmness to be applied without running. It leans on the dry side which means it dries quickly on the lid and barely smudges compared to all the other gel eyeliners I've tried so far. Gel liners are never as smudge-proof as liquid ones but so much easier to apply so I tend to pick gel over liquid for more elaborate looks.
Removal: It my look dark and smudge-proof but it comes off pretty easily with makeup remover. I've used the neutrogena makeup removing wipes as well as my The Body Shop Camomile makeup remover and they both work well.
Below I've added 2 images. One is in B/W to highlight the eyeliner since I wore a very thin, barely-there line for a natural look. The other is in normal light so that you can see the effect it has.

Illamasqua Gel Liner (Infinity), Brushed through brows, no eyeshadow, no concealer.
I've also begun using the Illamasqua Shadow in Jules for defining my brows but I'll do a detailed review for that in another post.
Cost: £18.50/$28.06/INR1724.50 on the official website. It can possibly be found for less on another website and on sale in different countries. To be honest, I find that quite expensive but with a brand like Illamasqua I wouldn't expect any less. I've wanted to try a product from their collections for so many years now considering they're so well-known and well-love in the makeup-world but their price-tags are what kept me from trying their products for so long.

Final Verdict: If you use eyeliner everyday and it's the one product you would like to invest in, go for it! However, if you would rather spend on something else (like their highlighters which are next on my wish list) then skip it and opt for a drugstore brand instead.

I hope this review helped you pick your next eyeliner or introduced you to the wonderful line of Illamasqua! Let me know what you think in the comments below. Have you tried this product before?

Tanaya <3

*Product gifted by Illamasqua for review. The opinions expressed in this post are honest, unbiased and entirely my own.


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