Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Thailand Beauty Haul

One of my favorite kind of posts to read are hauls and one of my favorite shopping destinations is Thailand. So it seems appropriate that's very first haulpost is a haul from Thailand! This was my third visit to Thailand (what can I say...I just love everything about the place...the food, shopping, language). However, on my first 2 visits I was oblivious to the fact that Thailand is a beauty lover's shopping heaven. Since I was still exploring the Thai beauty and makeup world this haul is pretty small. What I was really excited about was that Benefit cosmetics were available in Thailand! They're not available in India and so when I saw all those products I've wanted to try for so long I was overjoyed! 

1. Feelin' Cheeky! Minis by Benefit : This is a trio of miniature sized bottles of Benefit's best selling tints - Benetint, Highbeam and Posietint. 2 lip and cheek tints with 1 highlighter - seems like a pretty good combination.

2. Hoola by Benefit : if you've read my Makeup Wishlist you would know that I've been on the lookout for a new bronzer so I thought I would give this highly-talked-about bronzer a whirl.

3. Coralista by Benefit : if you're a makeup artist, beauty blogger/vlogger, or just a makeup enthusiast you've definitely heard about this blush. Some say its even better than NARS Orgasm! 

4. Frankly Scarlet by MAC : it's a beautifully bright red color with pink tones. I first heard about this blush in Tanya Burr's videos and blog posts. It looks quite scary in the pan and scary as a swatch too because of its great pigmentation. However, once you blend it in, it looks fabulous! 

After the above purchases I was more curious to try out some Thai and Korean brand products so here's what I got.

5. A local brand Eyeshadow. The packaging is so cute and the color looked even better when swatched. I knew it would be a difficult shade to find in any of the usual brands so there wasn't much hesitation while getting this.

6. 12plus Love Cologne : i think it would be rather difficult to find a Thai product that does not come in a cute bottle. This little heart shaped bottle is the perfect size to carry around in your bag. The fragrance is quite nostalgic since it reminds me of another perfume (of the same brand) that I had bought on my first visit to Thailand and I used it all through my childhood! 

7. The tiny compressed face masks : I first came across these in a post on a beauty blog called Indian Vanity Case. They look like tiny coins that are supposed to be soaked in green tea, rose water, rosehip oil, or any other mixture that is good for the skin. When soaked in the liquid they bloom out to form a face mask that allows your skin to drink up the nourishment of the rosewater, tea or essential oil. If this description does nothing but confuse you, just let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a tutorial of it.

8. The Sweet Princess Limited Edition Mascara : I had heard a lot about Thai and Korean brand mascaras so I was eager to try one! I had intended to try the Fairy Drops mascara which I couldn't find anywhere (let me know what you think of it if you've used it) so I settled for this one. Gorgeous packaging + cute tiny tube + it had the magical words "limited edition" on it :p = irresistible! 

I also bought the black makeup pouch in the first picture in a local market in Bangkok. Pretty posh isn't it? I think I'll do another post about a clothing and accessories haul...would you guys like one? 


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Bath & Body Products Wishlist

Have you ever felt yourself walking involuntarily towards a The Body Shop, Loccitane or Crabtree and Evelyn store? Then, just by reading the fancy names of the flowers fruits and herbs that fragrance those luxurious moisturizers and hand creams your heart flutters? You try some of the body purees, body butters or body mists and instantly feel the to buy them all! Don't worry...if you have that experience, you're not alone. And this Body Products Wishlist is going to make you feel just like that. Let's get into it then

1. Nip + Fab's Pistachio Sundae body butter : pistachio flavors have suddenly started alluring me. Once I read about this body butter on Fleurdeforce I knew I need to get it. Unfortunately being in India just makes it harder to find unique products like this one.

2. Mor Lychee Flower Hand Cream : doesn't the packaging make you feel like Royalty? And the fact that I love lychees just makes this hand cream more desirable.

3. Avon Bubble Bath : it's a cute bottle and is available in lovely fruity scents. Bubbles just make you feel like a child again so how can you go wrong with a product that has bubbles?

4. Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Sun Defence for Face with SPF 50 : On my face sunscreens usually decide to change their purpose from sun Defence to causing pimples and irritated skin. But SPF is still pretty essential so I hope this Elizabeth Arden one can work some miracles for my skin

5.  The Caribbean Collection Coconut And Lime Body Lotion : I have the body mist and exfoliating shower gel from this collection and as soon as I started using them I regretted not buying the body lotion as well because now it just seems to be out of stock. It is an undeniably coconuty scent but the little zesty kick of lime makes it unique. Obsessed is the word.

6. The body shop's Chocomania Body Butter/Body Lotion : I HATE the cocoa butter Body Butter they have so I didn't expect much from the Chocomania Body Butter either. But then I tested it at the store and fell in love with it. So much so that I actually had a dream about it! I bought the Chocomania Lip Butter which smells as well as tastes divine! However, be warned that the Chocomania Deluxe Edition Body Butter is very different from the original one. I found the scent of the Deluxe Edition one too overwhelming so I don't recommend it. 
7. Elemis Spa @ Home Frangipani Monoi Salt Glow : This is the third product in my Wishlist that I have heard of from Fleurdeforce. I guess her writing style really inspires me and so do her beauty product picks. This is a pretty pricey, extravagant and indulgent product so I would think quite a few times before splurging on it if it weren't for the review Fleur did about it. 

8. Philosophy's Melon Daiquiri shampoo, bath and shower gel (for summer) / Philosophy's Ooey Gooey Cookie shampoo, bath and shower gel (for winter) : very specific isn't it? :p But if you're like me you would understand why I would need to be that specific. The kind of fragrances and products I like and use changes according to seasons. Melon Daiquiri sounds fresh and fruity like a summer product ought to be whereas Ooey Gooey Cookie sounds like a sweet and warm fragrance that would surround you like a fluffy blanket in the winter. Tempting. 
9. Lush Fresh Farmacy : Hello my friends with oily skin that is so prone to acne and spots because of all the oil! This bar of soap from lush claims to be our savior! Reviews say that Fresh Farmacy can banish acne and spots with just one wash. Sounds like magic....did Professor Snape pour in some magical potion into Fresh Farmacy? I guess I'll just have to use it to find out.
Well that's all for now. Lets see how many products I can tick off this list. If you've tried any of these products or if you have any recommendations for me, let me know in the comments below. 


Sunday, 14 July 2013

The Skincare Wishlist

I'm really proud of myself for having stuck to my plans and being able to write the second post of this Wishlist series. The Makeup Wishlist was well-received and that makes me even happier and more excited to be continuing the series. Taking extra care of our skin is the price we pay for constantly trying new products. Here is a list of a few products that were created to repair, restore and even pamper our skin. 

1. Bioderma Micellar Solution : it may come as no surprise that this is the first product in my skincare Wishlist. This cleanser is said be a magic-makeup-removing-water. The science behind it is that the Micelles in this water cling on to the makeup particles and the makeup slides right off. It's the same concept as that of soap but in the form of this magical makeup removing potion that is great for the skin.

2.La-Roche Posay Physiological Micellar Solution : sounds similar to Bioderma doesn't it? That's what attracted me to this product. And also the fact that its by La-Roche Posay which is possibly my favorite skincare brand at the moment. La-Roche Posay products have a reputation of having perfect texture, formulation and basically of being lifechanging skincare products. 

3.Weleda Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion : the packaging is pretty cute. After trying Cetaphil Cleansing Lotion I've been on the lookout for another Cleansing Lotion that I can use for comparison. I guess everything in life is about comparisons and competitions and so I felt the weird need to compare Cetaphil to another cleansing lotion.

4. Rosehip oil : I am no stranger to the use of Tea Tree oil for clearing blemishes and just maintaining a glowing complexion. In fact, Tea Tree oil is my go-to product  for when my skin begins to act up. Therefore, I was fascinated when I heard of the benefits of Rosehip oil and I'm curious to know whether its better than my beloved Tea Tree oil. Also, Miranda Kerr recently credited Rosehip oil for her perfect skin.

5. Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel : I've read wonderful reviews of this peel and it sounds fruity. I'm eager to try this product and I will definitely post a review as soon as I try it out!

6.Frésh Black Tea Perfecting Mask : drinking Tea is probably the most refreshing moments of my day. I love tea and I also love to pamper my skin with a few masks. So if you tell me there's a product that combines these 2 things I'm going to be looking for it everywhere until I find it

7.Hydra Veil from Illamasqua's summer collection : it's been quite a long time since this product released but unfortunately Illamasqua isn't available in India and I had to satisfy myself with reading reviews of the Hydra Veil for the time being. The texture looks pretty unique and its supposed to be a quick fix for fussy skin.

8. Nivea's Express Hydration primer : this is a moisturizing primer and is available in 2 variations according to the type of skin. They do have a formulation for oily or combination skin which is great news since I often find common moisturizers a bit too heavy for my skin.

9.Urban Decay's De-slick makeup setting spray : this is the product my skin really really needs. I feel like makeup just slides off my skin within an hour or something. If you've got oily skin like me, I recommend that you try this out too.

10. Caudalie's 'Eau de Beaute' Beauty Elixir : I first heard of this "Beauty Elixir" from a video by Fleurdeforce. Unfortunately, it's not necessarily the easiest thing to find. 

So that's my list of the skincare products I wish I had. But don't feel too sorry for me because being the shopaholic that I am, I've already planned to get quite a few of them. Tell me what are the skincare products on your Wishlist and if you have tried any of the little miracle products listed above tell me what you thought of them. 


Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Makeup Wishlist

Shopaholic, makeup addict, beauty lover, fashionista....whatever we all may call ourselves, we all have a wish list. So I've decided to start a series of posts that include my various types of wish lists. Here's my first list of the makeup products I can't wait to get my hands on.

1. Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation : honestly, who hasn't heard about this product! I first heard of this foundation from the countless mentions it receives in the videos of Fleurdeforce and Tanya Burr. Rimmel has completely won me over from the very first product I tried.

2. Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter : it's's's got that wonderful gradient of colors that you can swirl your brush in and mix and have fun apparently suits every skin tone...basically, it's the perfect highlighter! 

3. Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick : to be fair this product was released a long time ago but I still haven't tried it. I like it for all the same reasons that I like the Dior Amber Diamond Highlighter. There are so many different shades of this shimmer brick and I just wish I could have them all. 

4. Sleek Blush in Sweet Cheeks : this pallet is just so cute! The colors are beautiful and as always with sleek I guess the quality, pigmentation and texture is going to be amazing too! What makes this product hard to find is the fact that Sleek is sold only in UK.

5. Real Techniques Brushes : I cannot even count the number of times I've heard/read about these miraculous brushes. This is one wish list item that I am definitely going to get my hands on no matter what!

6. Bronzer : this is a different one. There's no particular bronzer that I have on my mind but I just neeeeeeeed a new one. I have been using my Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess bronzing powder and my Miners Bronzing Stick for a really long time now and I'm bored of them. Tell me which bronzer I should try next in the comments.

7.  Cle De Peau Concealer : I heard about this concealer from the videos of another makeup genius Elle Fowler (allthatglitters21). This is a pricey product and I have no idea where I can find it but I will look for it online and in stores.

8. Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paint : they look like gel nail paint...they have a beautiful range of colors...and they have a wonderful shiny finish! 

9. Estée Lauder Gelee Blush in Tease : this blush has a unique texture and adds a beautiful glow to your complexion. The packaging is too beautiful to resist. 

These are all the things I can think of off the top of my head. I've wanted these products for so long and I hope I can find them all. Now that I have hopefully given you a few suggestions to add to your wish list along with a craving to go splurge on some make up, share this post so that we can spread our love for makeup and don't forget to comment because I would love to know what you think! 


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Revlon Illuminance Crème Shadow Review

Like every other makeup addict, I heard/read about the Maybelline color tattoos and could not wait to try them for myself. I went to the Maybelline counter and decided to swatch them and try them was love at first swatch! Since then, I have been to more Maybelline counters than I could count and swathed my favorite color tattoos more times than I care to remember. However I just couldn't get myself to buy any of them. I know that sounds weird and I can't even justify not buying them already to myself. Having swatches Bold Gold and Bad To The Bronze, I moved on to the Revlon counter and spotted this little quad of lovely shimmering cream eyeshadows. I swatched them and decided I would try these out and then buy the Maybelline color tattoos the next time. The darkest color in this quad is really similar to Maybelline's Bad To The Bronze and the lightest one is similar to Bold Gold so I thought they would make for a great comparison experiment between Revlon and Maybelline. Now onto the review.
Apparently this product was released in many variations, each with a different combination of colors but there were only 3 shades available at the store that I bought this one at. The choice was between Copper Coast and Pink Petals. As you can see i chose Pink Petals. I found the shades in the Copper Coast quad to be too commonplace. The shades in the Pink Petals quad are more unique and pigmented.
The product claims to make your eyes appear "luminous" and "bright" and stands true to this claim. The highlighting color is beautiful and adds a dewy shine to the eyes. It also works well as a brow highlighter. The second color is definitely my favorite in this quad. I can't describe it any better than a purple-pinky-gold but its beautiful! I use this as an all-over-lid-color because its so pretty that I want it to stand out. Also, the purple tones complement brown eyes well. The third color was probably intended to be a pretty peachy-pink but unfortunately it just looks the same color as my skin so I think I will use it as a base for my powder eyeshadows. The last color is a dark burgundy-purple. It is a good color for the crease but if you use it as a lid color it may make your eyes look tired so just avoid doing that. Here are some swatches of the 4 colors:
Despite being a cream eyeshadow it creases quite easily. It's such a shame because I really love the shades. They make for a wonderful natural eye look. If  you know how to prevent/reduce the creasing, let me know in the comments below. I find that using a primer just reduces the color payoff of these shadows. 

Cost: Rs. 540
For this cost, Revlon could have done a better job with the packaging. The packaging looks fragile and cheap and I'm always worried that I might drop the quad and break it. 
My Rating:3/5

T <3

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