Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Maleficent x MAC collection

Can you believe that I have no idea what the movie Maleficent is about? Well I know Maleficent is the name of the character played by Angelina Jolie in this movie and that it's based on a Disney story but I don't think I've ever watched the original Disney animation. If I did, I definitely can't remember it. Anyway, the point of saying all of this is that even though I don't know much about Maleficent I still can't wait to watch this movie! Most of this curiosity for the movie is sparked by the posters and how fabulously intriguing Angelina Jolie looks as Maleficent. The horns and makeup are just so perfect. Mac has launched a new makeup collection that puts together the whole makeup look of Maleficent. How amazing is that? Not everybody would be able to roam the streets everyday with the complete Maleficent look (although that would make a wonderful statement in street style wouldn't it? ) but it would be great to tone down the look and use it for events and such.
Products (clockwise from top) : Maleficent #36 Lashes, Maleficent Eyebrows in Fling, Maleficent Nail Lacquer in Nocturnelle, Maleficent Eyeshadowx4 and Maleficent Lipstick in True Love's Kiss. 
DuJour also did an interview with the makeup artists that created this look and you can check it out at They talk all about the 50 pairs of horns they had to make for the movie and other fascinating details about the whole look.

Let me know what you think of this new MAC Collection and also the DuJour article in the comments below. Have I mentioned how much I like reading the comments you guys leave? Because I do! So go ahead and write me something to read. 

Tanaya <3 


  1. Wow what a nice collection I love MAC!
    Nice post :)

  2. I wish this range was a bit truer to the Disney Maleficent, purples and greens and cooler colours, rather than the random warm eyeshadow colours!

    The Oxford Owl

    1. I agree! But I think these warmer shades are more wearable than purples. I personally love purples though.

  3. awesome collection. I love MAC

  4. This looks such an awesome collection. I love the lipstick xx

  5. Great post :) I only knew about the release of this film because I saw the MAC collection! Although the film and the MAC collection both look great though!

    Hayley x

  6. Loving the post! Great idea by MAC! Maleficent was a truly terrifying character in Sleeping Beauty, however Jolie will definitely give her a sexy edge!

  7. Great Collection!!! Eye shadows look amazing!

  8. I love Maleficent's look! The lipstick from the collection looks gorgeous.

  9. I just love it. one of the most amazing factors feeling great to see such kind of outstanding stuff. Pet Food


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