Thursday, 2 April 2015

Carol's Daughter Marula Oil

There was a time I hated using hair oils or any hair products in general because I thought they were all sticky, greasy and would make my hair clump up into hard bits. It wasn't a completely irrational belief since many products that I had tried back then really did have that effect. Years later and several haircare products wiser, I can't imagine what life would be like without them. I've been a fan of a few haircut products from Boots, LaBella and Dove for a while which made me open up to trying more products. Recently I was sent a set of products from Carol's Daughter and I've only tried their Marula Oil so far. It's a part of their Curl therapy range and even though I only have wavy hair with slight curls, this range seems to be working great with it.

Ingredients: I don't really have much to say about the ingredients except that the product is free of silicones, paragons, mineral oils and artificial colors which means i works great with colored hair. At a glance, the ingredients seem to be natural or nature-derived and just generally good for your hair.

Packaging: I love it! The pump dispenser works smoothly and conveniently. The label's are an adorable shade of baby pink mixed with pale marsala (yay for staying in the pantone color of the year theme!) and the font is super cute too! The bottle is small and plastic so it's great to travel with. 
Consistency,Texture, Smell: The oil itself isn't runny. It looks like it has a yellow tint in the bottle but it's clear on your hand. I isn't stickily at all and feels smooth and heavenly to touch. It smells slightly fruity, floral and the only strange word that comes to my mind when I smell it is "vintage". 

Application: I use about 2-3 drops of this oil per application. Pump a few drops out into your hands and spread it through the hair. Be careful not to oversaturate the hair with the oil since a little goes a VERY long way with this product. 

The Marula oil instantly makes my hair calm and glossy (noticeably glossy). I use it only once after every wash and almost never need to reapply it. This product started in a box of products I wasn't sure about even trying and has quickly made it's way into an essential that my hair just doesn't feel right without. Ever since I tried this product, I have stopped using all my other hair serums, oils, creams, sprays etc. I highly recommend this oil for all types of hair even though it only specifies "curls".

Availability and Price: The price differs from store to store and website to website.
Ulta (Available in USA)
Amazon (available everywhere.)
It's easy to obtain the product online if you're located in India or UK. 

Tanaya <3
*This is a pr sample provided for consideration of review. The opinions in this post are unbiased and honest.

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