Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Dreams of being a makeup artist...The Salon Outlet

I love makeup but I haven't always wanted to be a makeup artist. In fact I still don't really dream of being a makeup artist. However, it's still a profession that is very alluring to me and I wish I could be one! My feelings about it are really weird and confusing because I don't want to do it but also I do. Just a few days ago I read an article about travel makeup cases by a brand called The Salon Outlet. I also went back to their website and looked at all the travel makeup cases they had and it brought back that feeling of aspiring to be a makeup artist that jets around the world with her makeup collection. As a beauty blogger I have quite a bit of makeup but I never do big makeup hauls and usually buy 1 product at a time so I doubt my current makeup collection would even fill up their tiniest makeup case. Despite that, I know many of you guys are beauty bloggers or makeup artists and definitely makeup addicts so I decided to share that post by The Salon Outlet with you guys. It may make you feel the desire to become a makeup artist like it did to me or for those of you who travel with your makeup for a holiday or work may find their makeup cases useful. I personally think that they're amazing storage options for even inside the home since they're portable unlike more drawers and cupboards and they open up beautifully to display your entire collection so that you can use it. Whatever purpose it may serve, here's the article:

Whether your summer plans include hitting the beach, hitting the hottest clubs on the Vegas strip or just getting hit on at the grocery store, everyone’s hoping to look their best during the summer months. The sun is out, everyone’s ready to have some fun after a long winter. And the last thing you want to do is look dull or drab. So, of course, you need to take your entire makeup collection with you on vacation. Because, though you’ve never worn that particular shade of pink lipstick, it might actually go perfectly with your new bikini.

But just how are you going to haul all of those essential items by plane, train or automobile? You could go for a soft, cushioned makeup case. And while it is cushioned, it also has no divided compartments, so your makeup is going to not only get jumbled together, but likely broken. You could go for a roll and tie case. Though this option might be easy to throw into your suitcase, it doesn’t allow you to take much with you. And, like most girls, you’ve got a lot of makeup. You could go with the age old ‘toss it in a plastic baggy’ route. And though, we’ve all had that roommate who stuffs sandwich bags full of lipglosses when it’s time for a road trip, we know that things are just likely to get broken or lost this way.
What you need is not just any makeup case but a train case. A train case is essentially a fold up box with separate compartments for all of your different makeup items. You’ll have a large section in the bottom for bulky bottles and tubes and smaller trays near the top for lipsticks, eye shadows and other small items.
You can find these and many others at The Salon Outlet 

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