Thursday, 31 July 2014

New Haircare Crush & Staple - Argan Dew Replenishing Hair Mask

I've been meaning to write this post for a while now but I haven't posted much at all recently. I feel so bad about not giving this blog enough time recently but I've been caught up in something very exciting that's coming up and if you follow me on Instagram you probably know about it already. I will do a complete post about it soon but this post is about my new haircare product obsession.

A few months ago, a brand called Argan Dew contacted me and sent over a few samples of their products to try and review. Argan Oil isn't a new discovery anymore and beauty bloggers as well as beauty enthusiasts have been going crazy over this miracle ingredient. I expected Argan Dew to be another one of those hyped up Argan oil products that are nice enough but aren't good enough to rave about. Argan Dew's Replenishing Hair Mask was a much-needed product for my hair. My usual favorite - Matrix Biolage - had stopped working quite as well as it used to( I have no clue why). As a result, my hair wasn't getting the moisture it needed and was getting terribly dry. Argan Dew's hair mask is that weirdly wonderful product that works and makes a difference with one use. I'm absolutely in love with this product and I'm trying to figure out how to get a full size of it (Since it's available only in UK) before I run out of the samples I was given. Update: Soon after this post was published, Argan Dew wrote to inform me that their products are available worldwide through or amazon and ebay. Lucky for us!
Texture, Consistency: The mask has a thick and creamy texture. It has the most divine fragrance I've ever smelled in a hair product which makes using the mask a wonderful experience. If you're not much into fragrances in your products you may not like it but I love it.

Result: My hair feels softer, glossy, healthier and moisturized. It feel so luxurious and soft that I have to actively resist touching it. Hahaha.

I would recommend this product to anyone dealing with dry and frizzy hair or split ends. Although I love the Hair Mask I'm not a huge fan of their Miracle Hair Oil so I wouldn't recommend it.

I hope this review helped you and let me know if you've tried this product yourself. What did you think of it? Will you be trying it out soon? I'd love to hear all about it!
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*The product mentioned in this post was provided for review. The opinions expressed in the post are unbiased and honest. 


  1. LOVE your blog! I nominated you to do the Liebster Award blog post, here's the link to my blog with all the details x

  2. I loved this product too - it just worked x

  3. I loved this product too! Love your blog, be sure to stop by on my blog if you fancy it!


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