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Studio Gear CC Cream Review

I've had a lot of posts on this list of posts to write and publish. Most of them involved me trying things on my face and that's one of the reasons why I haven't gotten to writing them. Recently my skin decided to go crazy with hormonal acne and so I spent weeks without makeup because I didn't want to aggravate it. I think this little break from makeup was good for me because I feel like I've got a fresh perspective on things suddenly and I've started liking shades I never liked before! Anyway, before my train of thoughts completely derails, let me get to the point. The acne also left quite a few spots. They're not very conspicuous but if you look at my skin up close you can definitely see more spots than I dared to count. While some bits of newly discovered skincare have been working wonders on the healing process, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to review some BB Creams and CC Creams that I had been putting off reviewing for a while. I don't wear foundation on a daily basis and I use the BB and CC creams regularly only on days like these where my skin has been acting crazy. This Studio Gear CC cream is the first CC Cream I've tried (been obsessed with BB creams for a while though) and I actually quite like it.


The packaging isn't anything very different. Just a standard tube with a little sticker that indicates the shade (mine's in the shade "natural"). It's available in 3 shades - Linen, Natural and Wheat - which isn't a lot but I don't think that creams of this kind really need that many shades since they blend in beautifully with a huge range of shades.
When you first squeeze out some of the CC Cream, it's going to look like a weird white with tiny beige dots in it. The first time I decided to use this product I was being quite absent-minded and felt startled at the color! Hahaha. The tiny beige dots are beads packed with pigments that burst as soon as you apply pressure on them and they mix with the white cream base. I think this allows the cream to adapt to the shade of your skin to a certain extent and voila! it looks like the picture below.
Watching the cream change colors and then blend into my skin perfectly is probably my favorite part of using it. It just feels like magic even though I know why it changes color. The cream blends in really well and is best applied with your fingers since the pigment beads need the slight pressure to release pigments. Studio Gear claims that it's very hydrating but I don't really feel very hydrated or dry. I just feel normal which is great for me because it just feels weightless on the skin. The coverage is wonderful! It doesn't completely conceal all the blemishes but it minimizes them really well. It can be layered to increase the amount of coverage but if you add too many layers it does look cakey. This isn't much of a problem according to me since it has better coverage than the usual tinted moisturizer and doesn't need many layers. Here are some pictures so that you can see the difference.

It's definitely enough coverage for using everyday and with some concealer probably even enough to wear to an event but that's just me I guess. Let's just ignore the complete lack of makeup and the messy hair in the pictures now and listen to me talk about this wonderful little CC Cream. I love everything about it except for the smell. It just smells very very odd but after using it for a day or two I got accustomed to it and it doesn't bother me anymore. I also just found out that since Studio Gear received a lot of great response for this CC Cream they've started a subscription service. It allows you to select a specific interval if and when you choose to subscribe and at the end of that interval they send you a notification about the shipment of another tube. If you aren't done with your tube yet you can easily change the interval and they never charge you without your permission. You also end up saving about 10% on your purchase I think. It sounds wonderful for avoiding those times when you run out of products and then can't find the time to stop by a store to pick them up again. Although the idea is lovely and fascinates me, I don't think I'm going to subscribe right now because I want to try some more CC Creams. I might subscribe if I don't find a better one but I doubt I'm ever going to be done trying out new products. Haha.

What do you think about this CC Cream? Studio Gear is a new discovery to me but I loved their Smoky Eye and cheek palette and I love this product too so I'm sure I'll try more of their products. Have you tried anything from Studio Gear?

Tanaya <3


*The product was provided for consideration for a review. The opinions as always are my own and completely unbiased. 


  1. I like the coverage . Never heard of the brand though. On the look out already :)

    D, x

  2. I've never found a CC cream which offers good coverage, but I will carry on searching! xx
    Gemma //

  3. Have you done a review on It Cosmetics CC cream?


    1. No I haven't! I'll look for it though.


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