Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Toss The Gloss - A Book Review

So I announced that I would be doing this blog’s first ever book review quite a while ago on Instagram and if you follow me on Instagram you might feel like I’m a terrible person for not posting this sooner. However, let me explain myself. I think the fact that this review has taken so long reflects how I feel about this book. That isn’t to say that I didn’t like this book because I did! It just means that this book isn’t one I would go crazy and let everyone know about instantly because it’s the best book I’ve read in a while. It’s a great book and for my readers that fall under the 50+ age demographic this book is a must-have. The best part of the book for me was the glimpse into the inner workings of the beauty industry that you get as Andrea Robinson tells you about her experience. Her experience in the beauty industry is so entertaining to read that I would buy this book just for that! She started the whole "Nakeds" revolution so without her our beloved naked pallets by Urban Decay probably wouldn't have existed. We would all be stuck wearing bright and unflattering makeup. She was also the former Vogue beauty editor who has also been president of Ralph Lauren Beauty, president of Tom Ford Beauty and chief marketing officer at Estee Lauder so you know you're taking a sneak peek into the beauty industry through the life of the ultimate insider. That's what excited me the most about this book and I wasn't disappointed.
Other than that aspect, the book has loads of tips for your makeup routine no matter how old you are. Being much younger that 50, I still learned so much more from this book and it’s my go to book when I feel like I’m making some mistake with my makeup. It teaches you how to correct application problems, how to choose between different shades, formulations, textures, brands, etc. However, if you’re under 45, you need to be careful and know when the tips apply to you and when they don’t because some parts of the book are pretty specific to the 50+ demographic. Overall, it’s a wonderful read but not something I would feel the need to rush out and get. If you’re 40+ though, that’s right 40+ not 50+ in my opinion, you should definitely rush to get your hands on this book. As the aging process starts, I’ve seen many beautiful ladies start hiding behind layers of products and this book helps you enhance your natural beauty and look younger without all those products. Here are a few pictures of my favorite illustrations from the book that I felt like just fit in with this post.
I just felt so proud of myself arranging beauty products around the contents. Hahaha. Products: Marks&Spencer Lip Butter in Coconut, Bourjois Paris Blush Pot in Brun Cuvre, Maybelline Cheeky Glow in Creamy Cinnamon, Sweet Princess Mascara, Nars Lip Gloss in Orgasm, Studio Gear CC Cream

So would you be getting this book? It looks pretty good just to decorate as well I think and that's mainly what it's doing right now - sitting and looking pretty on my desk along between the boring other chemistry and calculus books. Let me know what you think of the book in the comments below.  Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin' , Facebook, Instagram, GFC or Google+.

Tanaya <3

*A pre-release copy was sent to me for review. However, all the opinions are honest and not influenced

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