Saturday, 31 August 2013

Revlon Lash Potion Mascara Review

I was just watching a random haul video when i saw this tube of mascara in the youtuber's hand. The thin little tube looks so beautiful and magical that i don't think i paid attention to the rest of the video until she came to the tube of mascara and said which one it was and in my head I was jumping with excitement and shouting " Im going to get that mascara!!! Now Now Now!!" . So tis excitement lasted for a bit until i realized that it wasn't released or sold in India :( ….However, i was determined to find it and so i did and here's a review for you guys.

" Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious. The formula with strengthening proteins, amino acids and essential vitamins revitalizes lashes. The Illusionist Wand drenches lashes for dramatic volume and combs through lashes for clump-free length."

I got the mascara in 001 blackest black noir intense. Magic and enchantment seems to be a theme with this mascara. I seriously could not stop staring at the tube since the time I have bought it. I still look at it at least once everyday and it just makes me feel like a kid that believes in magic and fairytales. 

Color : It truly is the "blackest" black i have seen so far! Sometimes there are some mascaras like an old Loreal one i had that looked grayish despite the label saying that its black. This one isn't one of those.

Now i haven't noticed any "revitalized" lashes since i started using it but it does work pretty well in other aspects. it instantly makes your lashes look fuller and longer but without them looking weird and pokey. I usually find that mascaras with a silicon brush (you know the one that feels all rubbery and like plastic? ) cause the lashes to clump together. Fortunately this Illusionist Wand that Lash potion claims to have isn't like those rubbery wands. It separates while adding volume.
                                                               Without any mascara
                                                        With Revlon Lash Potion Mascara

Packaging: The packaging is so adorable that i didn't even care whether the formulation was good or not. It's shiny and colorful unlike any other mascara I've ever seen before.

Overall Rating : 4/5 for the performance but 5/5 for the beautiful packaging!

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