Friday, 7 February 2014

Greek Goddess - Obsessed with Fanny Crown

I came across this site Fanny Crown (such a funny and quirky name!) through the blogger contest they have and it was a bitter sweet moment for me. I instantly loved the concept of the site and almost every single dress on the site. However, I have been glued to my laptop screen staring at them ever since. Fanny Crown has been around since 1998 but their webstore is pretty new. They have offices in several parts of the world including UAE, Hong Kong, UK, USA, Australia and Paris. I read a few reviews of the website online and they were quite mixed so I guess it's one of those websites that you need to have an experience with to find out. However, I really love the concept of selecting a pattern and color and having a dress tailor-made to your size. The dresses on the site look like really expensive designer dresses that cost wayyyy beyond anything I can afford (and if you can, let's be friends :) Hahaha ) so the dresses on fanny crown are relatively much cheaper especially considering they're tailor-made.
 When I decided to create a whole look centered around their dress design, it was one of the most difficult decisions I've made in the past few days ( yes, I have a boring life where choosing a dress to make an imaginary outfit around is a huge moment of decisions ). The first bunch of words that came to my mind in the form of an abstract ides cloud were - Goddess, Elegance, Opulence, Classical Richness, Extravagance. My method of organizing such abstract idea clouds is by writing them down and connecting them much like a child playing connect-the-dots. In such special cases however, the magical website of Polyvore helps me out. So here's the outfit/look I put together and how I did it:
Greek Goddess

I started by choosing this lovely peach dress from their website. A number of things attracted me to it the first of which was the color. I love everything PEACH! The color, the fragrance, the flavor...everything. Next was the beautiful flowy fabric of the dress. It seems like a very easy and comfortable dress to wear while looking like a beautiful goddess. It's the perfect combination of comfort, glamour and style. One of the best part about the dress is it's detail which adds that "classical greek goddess" element to it. There are beads, pearls and rhinestones around the collar and neckline and then the beautifully draped fabric gets cinched at the waist with another band of beads, pearls and rhinestones. The little keyhole is one of the best details in this dress. It isn't too revealing but it's just the right amount.
The next thing I added was the Dolce & Gabbana bag that I have been dreaming of for absolutely ages! It's just the bag of my dreams and coincidentally it matches the theme of the look. It has the grey and white scene of what looks like the pantheon while the wintery shade of plum flowers injects color to the bag. The gold details around the bag help tie it with the rest of the accessories. I picked the handcuff next which has the iconically greek vines on it. It's delicate and gold and fits in perfectly. If you notice, I've picked 2 pairs of earrings in this outfit mainly because I love them both and couldn't make myself pick one. The Versace ones on the left have an ornate gold and crystal pattern while the Laurent Gandini Corintio ones on the right go so well with the cuff. I've always been indecisive with earrings and that's why I have 2 piercings on each ear. Hahaha. The great thing about the embellished neckline of this dress is that it doesn't need any neckpiece. It's just fabulous on it's own and flaunts the collarbone. With the jewelry done, it was time to pick a shoe and I finalized on the simple strappy pumps after staring at lots of studded ones. Something about these just adds a touch of understated elegance.
Now onto makeup. The Dolce & Gabbana Bronzer was an obvious choice wasn't it? Every bronzed goddess needs her glow so a highlighting bronzer gets picked over any matt bronzer. The lace and baroque pattern just makes it the ideal product. After going with neutrals for the whole outfit, it was time to add some color so I chose a lovely plum shade by Estee Lauder which would look great on the fingertips wrapped around the bag with plum flowers. I chose the YSL Glossy stain in a dark red so as to add color to the overall look and tie the makeup look together with the outfit. The Naked 3 Palette was basically me cheating because I couldn't decide on a smokey eye or a mauve toned or a neutral look.

Sorry for the extremely long post but I hoped you liked it and all the details of creating it. Please let me know what you think about this post in the comments below because I love reading them. The comments just tell me that I'm not putting you off to sleep with my posts and that you're still enjoying them! Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Bloglovin', FacebookPolyvore, Instagram and GFC.

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  1. Ah this is a beautiful look. I love the nail polish x

    Jenny /

  3. nice, love everything :)


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