Saturday, 22 February 2014

Maybelline Cheeky Glow Blush Review

This review is long overdue. I don't know why I spent time on other posts when this post should have been my priority. I got this blush over the winter while I was in India. Maybelline always releases some wonderful products in India and then I have to wait for months before I can visit India and try them out. When I first heard about these blushes I found out that it was released in 3 shades only- Fresh Coral, Peachy Sweetie and Creamy Cinnamon- and I was so sure that I would be buying Fresh Coral and Peachy Sweetie. However, when I swatched them they just looked so similar to all my other pinky-peach blushes (which I love but I needed something different!) and I ended up falling in love with Creamy Cinnamon.
Creamy Cinnamon is the most wearable and natural shade I have ever found...and I mean EVER! It's a very glowy peachy-brown but does not look brown on the skin. This shade is perfect for every skin-tone out in the world. Considering these Cheeky Glow blushes are the most affordable blushes I've ever come across I was shocked at how amazing they are. The packaging isn't very high-end-like but I prefer it like this. They just look so cute and tiny and they're perfect to travel with. I always carry Creamy Cinnamon when I travel because it's a versatile shade and it barely takes up any space in my makeup bag. The formulation, pigmentation and quality is just like a high-end blush if not better. These are really creamy and soft and don't look chalky at all. In fact, they blend in so well on the cheeks! I can't find anything wrong with these. I've read some reviews that criticize Maybelline for not including a tiny brush in the packaging like most brands do but I don't think anyone really uses those and they're a waste of space and materials. 

Final Verdict: This has been my favorite blush for months now and it's obsessive.It's inexpensive, great quality and beautiful. I cannot recommend it enough!


  1. great review this is such a gorgeous colour X

    1. I'm glad you liked it. This color is really unique...atleast in my collection. Haha

  2. What a pretty blush! I love Maybelline blushes xx

    Gemma //

  3. great review and gorgeous colour
    Hannah xo


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