Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Eye Look : Museum day!

I've wanted to publish this post for so long now because I went to the museum about 2 weeks ago and that's when I clicked the pictures. I used one of my favorite BB creams as a base since I didn't want anything too strong and dramatic. However, I felt like experimenting with my eyeshadow palettes and trying a new look. I was so happy with this look that I knew I had to click pictures of it to share it with you guys. After that day, this look has pretty much become my everyday look and I love how versatile it is. The shades blend so well together that I think this look could work for just a casual day or a daytime event too when a smokey eye is too loud.
I started with my Elizabeth Mott Creamy Shadow Stick(Received in ipsy bag) in the inner corner of the eye and over the inner half of the eyelid. It isn't pigmented enough to be a shade on it's own but it works well as a base since it's shimmery and the sparkles show through the shade you apply over the top. I then used a shimmery burnt orange shade over the top and went further out to cover the whole eyelid. This creates a natural gradient since the part of the eyelid with the shadow stick base appears lighter. You can blend it to achieve a better gradient. I then blended the dark plum eyelid shade from my wet n wild eyeshadow trio, that I reviewed here, into the crease (Yup I used an eyelid color for the crease. pretty badass right? Hahaha).  Finally, I used a really light golden color from an old Chanel palette that I hadn't used for ages and used it to highlight the inner corner of the eye and the middle portion of the eyelid (be careful not to cover up the actual shade you used on the eyelid. Just pat enough highlight to add some glitter and dimension.)  A winged eyeliner with my standard MAC Gel Eyeliner and a coat of Revlon Lash Potion (review) completed the look. Update: I don't think I used any mascara at all actually. I think I just didn't want the look to be too over the top for that day but I use that mascara for other days when I don't mind the little extra flutter. 

I hope you liked this look. Tell me if you would like to see a complete tutorial for it so that I can add it to my list of videos to do when I finally have the courage to start a youtube channel. If you do try it out, tweet or instagram the picture and link it to me so I can see it. It's just fun to see how the same look adapts to everyone's personal style. 

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  1. I love bronze eyeshadow, it always looks the best on my eyes too.


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