Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Pretty Pink Tips - Nail Update!

A nail update after so long! This time it's not just glitter on a plain base coat. I decided to try an all pink french tip manicure. Focus on the word "try". I'm terrible at making those straight edges so I did the best I could.I wasn't conscious of this before because I thought my nails looked adorable and I was happy with them. Then, a few days ago, Maybelline regrammed this picture of my nails and someone left a mean comment criticizing it. This was the first time I came across a mean comment since I started blogging and instagramming so I was taken aback and started criticizing my own pictures and nails. That was until I realized that there are people  it so that actually like what I write, click, post, etc and they understand that I'm not a professional nail artist or anything. I just do it because I like to paint my nails and share it with you guys on my blog so I shouldn't let mean comments affect me. Basically, I just wanted to say thank you to all those of you that follow this blog and my instagram account and continue to read all the randomness that pours out of my brain onto the posts. Thank you for liking it and giving me the courage to post more on this blog and ignoring that one mean comment.
Finally, let's talk about the nails
I loved this look so much! I kept redoing it every time it chipped so that I could wear it for longer. It's supposed to be quite simple actually but it took me a while to do the tips because I kept messing up (nail art newbie).
The base coat is Maybelline's Colorama Cremoso in Nude. It looks quite different than in the bottle but it's a pretty pinkish nude. The tips are Cairuo Fragranced Nail Paint in Rose. It's a deep pink with a nice fragrance. I like some fragranced nail polishes and this one is nice at first but gets quite overwhelming after about 10 mins. I bear it for the color though. 

So do you like it? It took me a while to write this nail update but I instagram pictures of my nails as soon as I've done them so you can see them all on Instagram. Please find me and follow me on instagram at tanayadream. Also tell me what you think of this nail look, fragranced nail polishes and these colors in the comments below :)

Tanaya <3


  1. Cute mani! I like the idea of pink tips!


  2. such a pretty and cute manicure :) xx

  3. cute x


  4. it s so nice :)



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