Monday, 3 March 2014

Grace Cole England Fruitworks Lipbalm Review

This name is quite long isn't it? Every time I type the name of a long product I think I'm making a mistake. Anyway, about the lip balm. This lip balm was a lip-saver the moment it arrived. I was heading out for dinner on a cold night and just dropped by the mailroom to check if I had received anything. Indeed I had! Inside the little packet I found this beautiful little pot of lip balm. It was so cold outside that night that my lips needed moisture and this lip balm provided it! It smells divine (not exactly like peach and pear but very fruity nonetheless). I received the one in Peach & Pear but it's available in many other variations. I plan on trying them all because I just want to smell them all. The little pot is really pretty and I kept looking at it and feeling happy for the first few days. At first I thought that this lip balm is just fancy without any real skincare qualities but I was surprised by it. Let's sum it up now shall we?

Pretty packaging
Amazing fragrance
Quite moisturizing
Affordable at £2.00 / $3.33 / Rs. 200

I have to use my fingers to apply it. I would have loved and used this lip balm twice as much if it was in a tube.
It's moisturizing but not as much as my favorite Nivea pink guava(more of a healing product). This one is more of a moisturizer and not a healer. Am I  making any sense to you right now?

Where to get it:

So what do you think about this lip balm? I think I'm a lip balm hoarder because I now have too many. Do you guys want to see a lip balm collection post? Or a series of mini-reviews? Please let me know in the comments below. Also tell me what you think of the grace cole fruit works line in general. Have you ever tried any of them? I really want to try them out.

Tanaya <3

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*This product was provided for review by Grace Cole England. The opinions in this post are honest and not influenced in any way.


  1. looks yummy :) xx

  2. I love the packaging :) I agree, I don't like using my fingers to apply lip balm too :/
    Ana xo

  3. I've been wondering about this, so thanks for the honest review.A lip balm collection post would be cool. Going to follow you on bloglovin, would love it if you could check my blog out too :) xx


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