Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Fashion Union Wish List

This is a very special post you see. For those of you who regularly read my blog posts ( or even those that may have glanced at the archive) or follow me on Twitter, you may know that I have been doing a series called the "Wish List" series where i list a bunch of things that I wish i had and that I would get given the first opportunity. Fortunately, I've got something even more exciting for this Wishlist post! Fashion Union ( through the etailPR network) has give me that opportunity to write a wish list of all the products I like from their website : . Honestly, once I got on their website I couldn't stop staring at all the amazing clothes and accessories they have on sale! Their collection is wonderful and has such a broad spectrum that you'll always find what you're looking for. Now since they have such a wide range of products i decided to categorize them. 

First off we have dresses. Dresses are always the first thing i look at on any new shopping site. 
  1. The Blue Cut Out Skater Dress : This one is my favorite! At £10.00 (reduced from £28.00 ) its a steal. The dress could be easily dressed up or dressed down and is the perfect blend of elegant and yet cute. You can find it here 

  2.  Wine Scallop Hem Strappy Ponte Bodycon Dress : Scalloped hemlines are beautiful. I think they look edgy and yet sophisticated and I'm constantly on the search for anything with a Scalloped Hem. This dress is a lovely red and would be great for a night out with friends or simply dinner(when paired with stilettos and a clutch) at a posh restaurant with friends and family. It's listed at £25.00 which is kind of pricey but a dress like this could potentially cost a lot more. You can find it here 
  3. Cream Leopard Bodycon Dress : This dress seems tricky to style (as with all animal prints). Style it the wrong way and you've got yourself a trashy mess. Style it the right way and you may find paparazzi mistaking you for a celebrity.. I would pair it with a white blazer and some rings but no other accessories. With this dress, I believe, less is more. It's listed at £22.00 and you can find it here 
  4. Multi Skater Party Dress : Imagine yourself wearing this dress at a fashion week event and I bet that's motivation enough for making you covet it. There are a few more options in sequined dresses on the site too but this one was my personal favorite among them. It's neutral and girly and could be worn for any high fashion events. Listed at £45.00 it isn't too expensive a price for a head-turning piece like this but it's certainly pricier than most of Fashion Union's selection. You can find it here 
Jumpers : Yes there's a category called jumpers. Ever since it's started getting cold I've just been in the mood for jumpers and unfortunately I realized I don't have any. This may sound surprising coming from a shopaholic like me but for someone who had been staying in a place with summer heat all year round (until recently when I came to a place where it's so cold I think I'm going to freeze!) , I never felt like I needed them.
  1. Stone Owl Print Jumper : The print on this jumper is so adorable and makes it unique. You're sure to stand out from the rest of the jumper-crowd while sporting this piece of awesomeness! You can find it here

 2. Black Sequin Shoulder Knitted Jumper : It looks comfy, soft and edgy all at the same time. would be perfect for days when its too cold to wear your favorite shirt and yet you want to look like you've put some effort into dressing up. You can find it here

Shoes!! Do i even need to explain? Every girl that loves beauty and fashion loves shoes.

  1. Black Quilted High Top Platform : These are great for everyday use if your day involves walking a lot or if you're a college student. These are actually the perfect alternative for sneakers for a college student that needs to walk around a lot.You can find them here
  2. White Studded Ankle Strap Sandal : Its pretty and its white so it can be paired with almost everything. Versatile and stylish. You can find them here

    So that's it for my Fashion Union wish list. It's a lot right? Maybe some never hurts to imagine. So did you guys like any of these? good thing they have free delivery throughout september right? :p
    Let me know whether you guys like any of the things I listed above in the comments! They also have a contest so if you're an etailpr approved blogger and would like to enter click here .

    T <3

    Disclaimer : Although this post is written by the author for Fashion Union , the thoughts and views are the author's own and are not influenced by any other source.


  1. Love the things you've picked out :D
    xoxo <3

  2. That pink dress looks beautiful!!
    Oooh I love these fashion products. Please check out my blog -


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