Thursday, 26 September 2013

MRP Competition!!

Would you like to win a year's worth of supply of wonderful clothing? MRP can make it happen! If you don't know what MRP is then here's the run down for you. They're the south african equivalent of Primark....and who in their consciousness doesn't like Primark!? So here's your opportunity to win free clothing from them. Go here or and enter your details to enter the competition. It's that simple. Now I know this sounds like I'm promoting this site but I was so excited when I heard about this competition that I could not wait to tell you guys about it! So this isn't me promoting their store but just me being excited about this opportunity and sharing it with all of you awesome people out there that read my blog! So are you excited for this competition too? Tell me if you've entered in the comments below and we can all anticipate the result together. :) 

T <3

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