Saturday, 21 September 2013

My Favorite Blushes Right Now

This is kind of a more abstract and real time blogpost than my usual posts but i thought "Im supposed to be telling people what I like so why not tell them which my go-to-blushes are and then they can go try them out as well and get obsessed with those blushes. Then we can all share our obsession with blushes and have a happy blushing time :p ". Yes, i ramble on and on about random things like this in my head. New readers may not know this but I am very pale, hence blushes are like my best friends that add color to my face. Now about the blushes i have been obsessing over for about a month now:
Spring Flower and Posietint
  1. Posietint by Benefit :(Haul post) Described as a "poppy-pink" shade, I do like it much more than Benetint (which is more rose-tinted). It's the perfect shade to wear everyday and looks especially great on days when you don't feel like using any foundation because it blends right into your skin. Posietint adds a subtle glowy element to the whole look. However, when I tried using it over foundation, it led a patchy, streaky look. It's a staple for days when i don't have the time to put on much makeup (like foundation, concealer, bronzer,etc.). he only bad side to this product is that it leaves a stubborn stain on the fingers that you may use to blend it in :( . Now I couldn't click a picture of myself with Posietint on because its so light and natural that it just wouldn't show up in pictures!
  2. Spring Flower by Rimmel London : This is a simple and straight forward pink.  No coral tones, No orange tones and No Plum tones - none of that fuss in this one. It does have a bit of shimmer but the shimmer is so subtle that you can use it as a daily blush and nobody will notice it. It's too pink to use as a Fall shade which makes me use it even more while i still can! Go get it and try it before its time to use those plum shades!
Me wearing Spring Flower by Rimmel London

T <3


  1. im liking this blogpost more and more

  2. Yay ! Same pinch doll.. That rimmel blush is my fav too :D
    xoxo <3

    1. The three shades just mix to give the perfect flush of color don't they? My other blushes feel forgotten since the time I got this one! Hahahaha

  3. gorgeous :)

    new follower

    1. Thank you for the comment and for following. I'm checking out your blog right now. :)

  4. You look sweet and that's one lovely blush


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