Monday, 14 October 2013

From the runway to your nails!

There are quite a few interesting things that I’ve come across online recently and I want to share all of them with you but I can’t do that all in one post. So this is one of the most beautiful, inspiring, creative and artsy thing I’ve come across yet (You can also find it on How many of you love nail paint? Most of you I hope…because I love it! I love fusing around and trying different combinations of shades and trying to do some nail art with glitters. However, I’m not nearly as talented as the people that have done the nail art in the pictures that follow. They’ve incorporated styles seen on the runway into their nail art! I’ve added some of my own suggestions for alternatives that you can use if things are too difficult to find or expensive.

Inspiration: Balmain Booties.
What you need: Black nail paint, top coat, some tiny beads, studs.
My alternatives and tips: you can take the tiny beads from a caviar nail set or just buy some separately from a craft store. Use tiny rhinestones or those pretty stickers that look like rhinestones instead of studs.
Artist: Ginny and Donne Geer from
Inspiration: Dolce & Gabanna
What you need: White nail paint for base, 3D nail art flowers.
My alternatives: You can use little cutouts of flowers and fix them in place with a topcoat but they won’t give you a 3D effect. Great way to tone down the nail art trend for the workplace. 3D flowers may be hard to find since the artist got them from Japan.
Artist: Julie Kandalec, nail artist

Inspiration: Macqueen Clutch
What you need: black nail paint, white nail paint, and Swarovski crystals
My alternatives: You can just cute bits of delicate real lace and glue it on with a transparent topcoat. It’s easier than drawing on everything. Use the stickers that look like rhinestones instead of Swarovski crystals because Swarovski crystals are expensive!
Artist: Maki Sakamoto

Inspiration: Peter Pilotto
What you need: Black, neon green, light blue and a dark blue polish.
My alternatives: This one may take a lot of precision and patience to draw by hand like the artist did. I suggest using those strips you get in French manicure kits to make the process faster.
Artist: Fleury Rose

Inspiration: Miu Miu Bag
What you need: Black, Red, Light pink, Fuchsia and white polish.
My alternatives: You can use the sponge to create the effect on that bottom bit and just go crazy and creative with the rest.
Artist: Sophie Harris-Greenslade from

Inspiration: Prada
What you need: Black, Red, Purple and Orange nail paint
My alternatives: None. This style looks simple but is tricky to do!
Artist: Sophy Robson, Nail Artist

Inspiration: Balenciaga
What you need: Deep red nail paint, Black nail paint and a champagne color
My alternatives: I just feel like using either a gold nail color or golden sparkles instead of the plain champagne can amp up this look
Artist: Taryn Multack

Inspiration: Marni for H&M
What you need: Red, Black/deep blue and yellow polish, Dotting tool
My alternatives: if you don’t have a dotting tool try using one of those tiny papertacks.
Artist: Taryn Multack

That's it for now. If you like this post I would be happy to find more looks like these. Also, if you want me to do any particular look on my own with a tutorial be sure to let me know. If you do any of these nail looks leave me a link in the comments and just tell me if you like these because reading your comments brightens up my day.

Tanaya <3

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  1. Wow, so creative! Loved this, inspired me to try more nail art :)

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  3. Wow so much colour love them. Brilliant post

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  5. what an original idea :) love it.


  6. I love the floral prints <3


    1. Same here. I think the floral one is my favorite too

  7. Great post! A very original idea :) x



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