Friday, 29 November 2013

Current Favorites: Nail Essentials.

Since you guys liked my first post about nails so much I decided to do one more. This one has all my current favorites and basically what I use doing my nail routine.

As much as I love nail polish, I hate the process of taking it off! It's a time-consuming process that leaves my fingers sore from rubbing nail polish remover on the nails. I found that using nail polish removing wipes is the best alternative. While you still have to rub them on your nails, they just aren't as time consuming and messy as cotton balls/cotton pads and nail polish removing liquid. I've been loving these nail polish removing wipes because they come in perfectly cut small circles. They're also fragranced and were available in several different fruity fragrances but I picked Apple and Mango. These smell so delicious! After you've used them, they leave your fingers smelling sweet and fruity. They're by a Korean brand I think called Ruoker so I'm not sure where you can find the same ones but I'm sure some beauty supply store stocks them since I found them in a local beauty supply store.

Technically, these nail stickers/foils can't be favorites since I haven't used them yet but I've used a different variety that I had picked up from Thailand and loved them so I'm going to give these a try too. 
They nail file is from the same store that I got these nail stickers in (not in Thailand in case I confused you). I don't file my nails very often since they just maintain a natural shape but this one looks so cute! And well I guess it's always good to have a nail file handy for situations when the nails grow crazily. 

My L'Occitane Hand Cremes! I use these all throughout the day but I make sure to always use a bit right after my nail polish is dry. The nail polish remover and washing dehydrates your hands and nails and it's always good to moisturize them. 

Lastly, this is the nail color I'm wearing right now and I love it! I'm going to reapply it throughout this month and it's a true November Favorite.It's the Lakme Fast & Fabulous in Punchy Pink. Please excuse the state and appearance of the bottle. I dropped it once and the glass in the right corner chipped off and then I dropped other nail colors on it. Hahaha.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Let me know what you think in the comments and what are your favorite nail products? You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Bloglovin' and gfc.

Tanaya <3


  1. Nail stickers are so handy especially if your travelling. I love that nail colour, very pretty :) thanks for sharing.
    Natalie x

  2. Great post! I love L'Occitane hand cremes, always good to keep in your purse, too! :)


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