Thursday, 21 November 2013

Get Ready For The BA Star Sale

I did a review of the BA Star Holiday Red Lip Pencil a few weeks ago and I suggest that you read that post first and then come back to read this one. Go click on that!

Okay so now that you have an idea of the BA Star products, you may read on.
BA Star are having a crazy sale from 48 hours prior to Thanksgiving. All their products - makeup, accessories and bling- will be for $2.99. The reason I love this brand so much is because their products have amazing pigmentation. They make makeup that is used by makeup artists for performances which means it's extra pigmented, long-lasting and lovely quality. So here's your chance to stock up! get everything you like or would want to try for $2.99. Also, don't forget about the exclusive discount code in my review post which will get you a flat 50% off. I'm not sure if it could be worth a try since it'll save you some serious dollars. Find all their products on

So are you planning on getting anything? Have a lovely holiday!

Tanaya <3

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  1. I've never heard of this brand before, that price is a bargain though and the lip pencil looks a beautiful colour! X


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