Wednesday, 25 December 2013

My Christmas Nails - Maybelline ColorShow

It's finally christmas! (Did you notice the christmas count down on my sidebar? I'll miss that little thing after today. ) I absolutely love christmas and mostly because everything around me is bright, sparkly and festive. There are fairy lights and christmas trees everywhere. I always change my nail color and paint them for christmas day so that there aren't any chips. However, while I was at a Maybelline counter recently getting a few backups for staple products and such, I saw the perfect christmas color! I was about to buy a green shade (i don't remember the name of the shade) as the first shade to try from Maybelline's new ColorShow range in India. I'm glad I waited and found this beautiful shade instead. It's   a lovely red with silver sparkles. The sparkles aren't chunky and tacky, nor are they tiny like shimmer...they're just perfect. The cute name 'Velvet Wine' makes me like it even more.

Today I jumped out of bed bright and early to go look at my christmas presents when I saw my cat had found what I got for him. Isn't he just adorable? 

I will have another post soon with my complete christmas look. I hope you like this post and let me know what you think of Velvet Wine. Have you tried any of the shades of the Colorshow range in India yet? 
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Tanaya <3


  1. wow that really is the perfect christmas shade! Isn't weird not waiting/ counting down for christmas? Now that's over I feel weird!
    Merry Christmas!

  2. This shade is oh so perfect for christmas :)

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