Friday, 6 December 2013

Weekly Picks! It's Shoe-Time

It's time again for my Weekly pick! So if you didn't read my weekly picks post from last week, it's basically a post where I talk about something that I've been staring at on an online store and really really really want. So then I tell you about it and give you the link to that product so that you can go stare at it, fall in love and then buy it and join our club of shopaholics and fashionistas. Simple. This ween I decided to pick a shoe. I saw a girl wearing the most adorable nude heels and well my beloved pair of nude heels is quite ruined so I really need new ones. For once in my life I acted like a normal and sane human and didn't stop the girl to ask her about the shoes. Instead, I found a pair that's even prettier! It's got everything I need: Lace, Bows, Peep-toe Heels, Platform at the front of the shoe, Beautiful looking material. Nude shoes are essential for a girl like me because I'm short and nude heels are famous for making people look tall and long-legged. So here's the wonderful shoe:

Isn't it so prettyyyyy? You can find it here for $16.07. It looks like I could wear it all day since it has so much support. So do you like it? Are you going to buy it or do you have anther shoe on your wish list? I would love to know so comment below or send me a tweet. You can follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' , gfc and Polyvore. 

Don't forget to comment and let me know what you think of this post and the series of weekly picks in general. You can find all my weekly picks under the weekly picks tab at the top. Have a great day :)

Tanaya <3


  1. Fabulous pair of shoes and the heels are amazing! Xx

  2. Those shoes. Woah!

  3. OMG! These shoes look fabulous, I can see why you chose them for the weekly pick!

    Olivia Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  4. They're so pretty! Quite inexpensive too. If only I could walk in shoes like that haha.


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