Thursday, 19 December 2013

Weekly Picks : The Really Delayed Pick

I haven't done a weekly picks post for many weeks now. But I hadn't been perusing online stores all that much at all recently. Lucky for my Indian readers, I was out shopping in India and there will be many posts about it soon. I read a tweet today by a follower that talked about SwayChic so I decided to check out the store. It is not the usual kind of online store that I would spend a lot of time looking at but it had quite a few lovely pieces! A majority of the products are quirky and I can shop for quirky things only when I'm in one of my weird moods. However, I found that there were some products that would look lovely and classy when styled right. So my pick for today is an ear cuff. I don't have any ear cuffs because I'm not sure that they would look good on me but I still love them. For those of you who wear ear cuffs or are looking to start wearing them, this one is a beautiful statement piece. The moment I saw it, my brain began styling it with all-white outfits, white blazers over elegant blue print tshirts/tops and the sort. There are millions of outfits that can be put together around this one piece of jewelry and I love it.

I like the colors and I'm seriously obsessed with embellishments and jewels so this seems perfect to me. It's available for $15.20 at So will you be getting this ear cuff? Tell me what you think of this weekly pick and whether you would be getting it in the comments below. Don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Bloglovin' , Polyvore, GFC and Instagram (Yes, I finally got Instagram! ). 

Happy Holidays!
Tanaya <3

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  1. pretty ear cuffs !! I already follow you on Bloglovin and GFC :) just started to follow you on Facebook :) hopefully you do the same :) xx


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