Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Accessories Haul- India

If you haven't read my tweets or previous few posts, you wouldn't know that I'm in India visiting home and having the best time! (also, go read my previous posts! why haven't you read them? :( Go read now) Now I had a whole month to shop and I'm worried I might not be able to fit all my thingsin the bags to take with me. I hope they fit in. Clearly, I can't fit everything into one haul post so I've decided to split them into different categories. This is the first and it's all the accessories I've bought.
So the first is this lovely necklace. I love the combination of deep red/maroon with the white cord running through the gold details. 

This is probably my favorite one. I've already used it so many times because it looks good with almost every outfit and it's so pretty. 

I'v used this one just twice yet because I think it only looks good n white, cream, beige and blue outfits but the cute little butterflies were irresistible.

These are the 3 pairs of earrings I bought while in India. I've wanted the chandelier earrings since I was a child but never bought them ( I don't know why). I finally bought the ones with blue beads and loved them so much that I went back and bought the ones with the black beads too. I do like the ones with blues beads more. Maybe i'll buy another color when I visit again. The light seafoam green ones look so lovely and I can pair them with my tiny seafoam green earrings from accessorize since I have 2 piercings. You can see them in an outfit of the day post or instagram. 

So which piece did you like the most? I hope you like these haul posts because there are many more to come. Tell me what you think in the comments below. Don't forget to follow me on Facebook, Bloglovin' , Polyvore, Instagram and Twitter

Tanaya <3


  1. I must say you have an eye for the accessories.

  2. Gorgeous necklaces, I love a great statement necklace - you can never have too many of them :o) Xx

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