Wednesday, 22 January 2014

LuxLock Reviewed!

I love earrings. Actually I love all forms of accessories but earrings are important too and so I love them specifically. However, if you just randomly happen to meet me you might notice that I'm not wearing any earrings. That's because on most days I don't wear them. I used to wear earrings everyday until my earring luck just went superbad and they started falling off. I was eventually left with so many earrings with incomplete pairs that I started wearing a different one in each ear just because they were too adorable to throw away and never use. One day I lost one out of my pair of favorite earrings and that was the last time I wore earrings on a daily basis. I suddenly get the feeling that I sound like someone from the weird and funny commercials for new products on I? Forgive me if I do but it's all true! I miss wearing earrings everyday though so obviously I didn't turn down the opportunity to receive and review the LuxLock earring backs. They claim to securely clasp the earrings so that they don't slip off and fall and you never lose your earrings again!  It works like this :"A strong stainless steel mechanism within a stunning an easy-to-handle 14kt gold clutch easily slides into place and securely grips your earrings."

I wore the earrings with the LuxLock backs and I put them through my own stupid tests (they may be silly but they work). I had a shower with them since I lose the most number of earrings in the shower when they fall off and go down the drain. I also wore them and slept to see if they would fall off since I've lost some earrings that way too. All I need to do now is wear them to classes for a week because sometimes my earrings just fall off on the way to classes and I don't notice until it's too late. So far the LuxLock hasn't failed me so I would recommend it if you have the same problems with losing earrings constantly as I do.

 It's made of gold so my skin doesn't get a rash like it does with many cheap metals.
It holds the earring quite well but isn't uncomfortably tight.
It comes in Sterling Silver too if you don't want the gold.
Can be used with any pair of earrings.
Jewelry manufacturers can order in bulk from Dama.
It doesn't look like a weird and huge contraption- you can't even see it from the front like in the picture below.

LuxLock/Dama don't sell it online on their own website. However, you can still buy it from ebay and other such online stores.

Links for more information and where to buy:

*The Earrings are not sold with the LuxLock earring backs. 

So what do you think about these? They sound useful don't they? They're kind of pricey but if you have earrings that have a huge sentimental or monetary value I think these earring backs are worth it. You could also just get one pair and use it for all your earrings like I do. Tell me in the comments below if you would be buying these and what you think about this post since it's a little different from my usual posts. I would love to read what you have to say.

Tanaya <3

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