Saturday, 25 January 2014

Accessorize Yenzi Owl Bag

Accessorize brought out this bag a long time ago and I loved it. However, I didn't buy it because it was quite expensive. I recently came across a bag that reminded me of the lovely Accessorize bag and so I started looking for the Accessorize bag. Here's a picture of the Owl Bag from Accessorize:
Now this bag costed about $48 in the states and about £25-28 in the uk. I didn't really need another owl themed accessory at the time so I wasn't about to spend that much for it. However, that doesn't mean I don't love it and don't keep staring at it if it's in the old stock pile of an Accessorize store. "yenzi", as this bag is named, eventually gained a lot of interest and became one of accessorize's most popular bags being spotted at fashion weeks and events like that. The Yenzi look-alike that I recently found is priced at $11.71 and I couldn't even believe how similar it is! In fact I've been over every detail and compared the two but I can't find a difference. So here's a picture of the Yenzi look-alike :
The color difference is probably just because of the lighting and camera angles and it still looks so adorable! For $11.71 it seems like a total steal! If you were lusting after this bag like me, you can find it here and you're welcome. Now all I need is a pair of dark brown skinny jeans or jeggings(like the ones Vero Moda makes) and I can make the perfect autumn/fall outfit! Maybe polyvore can help me create it for you guys to see. 
If this bag isn't really your thing and you would rather like a fox, I have you sorted too. You can also find a similar bag that has a fox here. We can name him Fenxi (Fox brother of Yenzi). 

So what do you think about my new finds? I've got to say that even though I've been looking for Yenzi for a long time, I would pick Fenxi over Yenzi. I'm off to go order Fenxi now while you leave me some lovely comments below. Also, while you're showing me some love, please follow me on Twitter, Facebook, GFC, Bloglovin', Polyvore and Instagram so that we can tweet each other and you can stalk my blog and me through our social network. Hahaha. 

Tanaya <3


  1. Those bags are super cute! Great post :)


  2. Oh my gosh! How adorable!! I love the owl one :)


  3. Such a cute bag - I'd love to get hold of one that looks like a cat :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  4. I love the cute bags! Especially the Fenxi!! :D

  5. they are both too cute!! I'm heading over to that site right now! $11 is a STEAL :)

  6. Ahh love this!! Im obsessed with owls too haha xx

  7. Ahh love this!! Im obsessed with owls too haha xx


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