Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Weekly Picks : Brush Off The Dupes.

Finally a weekly pick after so long! Just to make up for it I've got a good one. This one's extra special because I've been looking for these everywhere. Since you're here reading my blog I'm going to assume you love beauty and you know about all the latest products. Therefore, you've heard of the Real Techniques brushes that everyone's been raving about. Apparently these brushes take makeup application to a whole new level where everything looks flawless and perfect. Ever since the Real Techniques brushes became popular, the dupes for these brushes have started popping up everywhere. I was going to buy the real brushes at first but then I saw many beauty bloggers claim that these dupes not only look the same as the real brushes but they also work just as well. I have finally found the best set of these Real Techniques dupes (I call them dupes because calling them fake wouldn't be right. They aren't being advertised/marketed/sold as "real techniques" brushes and they don't even say so on the product itself. ) You get a set of these 5 brushes for $15.03 and I cannot wait to get them! I've already placed an order for my set and I think you would too if you see just how great a deal it is! 

Brush 1: similar to Real Techniques Stippling Brush. Cost: $10.00
Brush 2: similar to Real Techniques Pointed Foundation Brush. Cost: approx.$4.50
Brush 3: similar to Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. Cost: $9.00
Brush 4: similar to Real Techniques Blush Brush. Cost: $9.00
Brush 5: similar to Real Techniques Foundation/Contour Brush. Cost: $8.00
Total Cost of Real Techniques brushes: $40.50 
Cost of set that I found : $15.03
You can buy it here. Another option I found of exactly the same set was for $21.39 including shipping, which seems like a lovely deal too, on the Born Pretty Store. You can find the Born Pretty store in my right sidebar or you can buy it at Sammydress

Tell me what you think in the comments below! I'm sure I just made up for all the lack of posts with this detailed weekly pick. I hope you liked it and I hope you go get this set because that means I've helped you out in at least a little way in this world of beauty. Have a lovely day ahead and please don't forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook, GFC,Bloglovin'(we're almost at my target of 50 followers), Polyvore and Instagram

Tanaya <3 


  1. Hi Tataya! i took a look at your blog and i like it .. such a great ideas!! do you like to follow each other;??

  2. I love the real technique brushes and I find that they are perfection, especially for making your makeup look flawless. I have almost all of them and the real ones, though I spent a while saving up for them. I bought mine off and I found they are quite affordable over there since where I live they are super expensive.

    1. Since you have the real ones you should probably get these and compare to see if these are just as good. I'm curious to know! A comparison post would be lovely.

  3. such a cute brushes !! pink my favorite color :) affordable brushes are best !! xx

  4. I love my real techniques brushes, these ones look so similar :) x

  5. I love mine, amazing brushes!! xx

  6. I love real techniques brushes would love to see a follow up post on these I hope they are good!
    Mybeautysleuth x


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