Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Buzzy Like A Bee...Or Maybe Not...

So this is another Nail update. For some reason I really like doing these. When I actually painted my nails busy-bee-themed I was stuck inside my house with a blizzard outside but now that I'm really getting busy the nail paint has starting chipping off :( ...Anyway I trimmed my nails and everything and then used a plain white nail polish as the base. This one isn't from any particularly good brand and I just picked it up because of the cute and unique shape of the bottle. It doesn't last very long but it has a good enough finish. It was quite inexpensive so I don't regret buying it either because the bottle reminds me of spaceships! Over the top I used Bzzz Bzzz by Starrily. I received this in my tipsy bag and I'm sad that this was a tiny sample size only because it's really great. It has a good density of glitter particles and it's quite viscous and thick so that when you dab and place the glitter in a place it doesn't flow off or move around. The combination of black, yellow and golden glitter is also unlikely and I've never seen it before. You can buy full size Starrily nail polishes from here.

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Tanaya <3


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