Sunday, 26 January 2014

Le Cinq Amandes. Valentine's day Chocolates!

So today I have a very random and quick review for you. I originally intended to put these little chocolates in the background when I click pictures of other beauty products since they're so pretty and cute. However, I thought I should just review them so that you know what they're like and how they taste. These chocolates were sent to me by Le Cinq Amandes to try and I got to pick the colors for the little chocolate "baguette" as they call it. Le Cinq Amandes let you choose the packaging, color and kind or chocolates you want, makes them and then delivers them to you so you can gift the lovely handmade customized chocolates to someone you love or just eat them up yourself. I picked green, red and white because I wanted to take them home for christmas and share with my friends and family but they got here a little late. I still think that they're a great idea for a valentine's day present but I would ask you to order them a few weeks earlier just in case.

 The "Baguette" chocolates look like almonds so I expected them to be tiny candy coated almonds but turns out they're filled with rich dark chocolate( I think it's dark chocolate but I'm not sure. It could just be milk chocolate too). I typically hate dark chocolate but I like these because they have the sweet colored layer on top that balances the bitterness of dark chocolate.

The ones in the tiny box are what they call "meringues" though they aren't really meringues. I can't think of a way to describe them except "light fluffy awesome candy stuff". These are my favorites and I could finish all of them in under 5mins if I let myself. But Beware, the green ones are candy coated pistachios! I thought they were meringues too but they weren't. I guess they just mixed all sorts of random candies for me to try but I'm sure you can order only meringues if you want. I recommend you try these at least once because they're so yummy I can't stop eating them!

To those of my lovely readers that live in India, you know what I'm talking about when I tell you these brown things taste like Cadbury Eclairs. They just instantly reminded me of Cadbury Eclairs and took me back to memories of my 6 year old self squeezing the chocolate out of the candy. Only difference between a Cadbury Eclair and these is that these don't have gooey molten chocolate in the centre. They're just plain caramel and they're good as a tiny indulgent treat.

If you're looking for an extra something with your valentine's day present to your special person, just add a box of the customized meringues and either a baguette or a packet of the tiny eclair dupes. The meringues are a must though! Since I love you guys and I really want you to try the meringues that I'm going crazy about, I've got a special little discount code for you. When you visit the website here and choose what you want, just use the code HOLIDAY10 for a 10% discount on these treats.

I hope you like this post. It's a bit different and do you see the snow in the background!? I clicked these pictures during a snowstorm so that I could unbox the chocolates and eat them while sitting curled up with my blanket, a few new youtube videos of Tanya Burr and  few episodes of Fringe.
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Tanaya <3

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